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The Deer Park Yard Sale, is a city wide community event that happens annually in the Summer. The weekend long event was introduced in the year 2009. We noticed that individual small town yard sales tend to struggle on their own. What if a whole town had a yard sale on the same day or weekend?

Together with businesses in Deer Park, TRECpro is organizing this incredible area-wide event. The Deer Park Yard Sale is a venture that will not only benefit local residents who will hold yard sales, but it will also unite and aid local businesses. The widespread impact will profit the whole city.

The Deer Park Yard Sale has been established to achieve a number of goals.

  • Increase customers for local business.
  • Raise publicity for the city of Deer Park on a local and national level.
  • To bring people into the Deer Park.
  • Give community members the advantages of free publicity for their personal yard sales.

In our first year the Deer Park Yard Sale met these goals with amazing success. The scale of the event drew in people from the surrounding areas who would have normally just driven by our fair city.